Directions to Fajardo (from the San Juan Airport)

directions to the hostel

1. Leave the San Juan Airport and take the exit to PR – 26 East (“Pr – 26 Este” in Spanish).

2. After 4-5 miles, PR-26 East will split. Stay to the left (you will see signs for Fajardo) and the highway will become PR-66 to Fajardo.

directions to the hostel

3. After approximately 10 miles PR-66 will end. Take the exit PR-3 East to Fajardo.

directions to the hostel

4. PR-3 East runs through Rio Grande, Luquillo and then into Fajardo.

5. Stay on PR-3 and go all the way through and out of Fajardo. You will pass a “Ralphs’ Foods” on your right and then a Kmart on your left.

6. 1 mile after the Kmart, turn left at the stop light onto PR-194 (there is a Shell Gas Station at the light).

7. Turn right at the first light onto PR-195 (there is a Burger King at the light).

8. Stay on PR-195 until you reach the Moonlight Bay Hostel. We are on the right about 250 feet from the ocean. Look for the rooftop patio with umbrellas.

directions to the hostel